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Women’s Clogs – Rasolli Women’s Professional Closed-back Clogs Review

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Every profession has a specific attire meant for it…right from headgear to footwear. For nurses, having the right outfit for work will definitely make a big difference especially since this is considered as one of the most rigorous jobs. It involves running around in ward units or in operation theaters.

Much work is done standing or walking, so nurses need to take special care of their feet. Ever wonder what its like to work with no complaints of leg pain or hurting feet? Let me tell you about a new shoe that is making a sound in the medical industry.

Rasolli has launched professional nursing shoes, closed back clogs, that combines comfort and style. Its simple design makes it a good fit for work-to-weekend wear. These nursing shoes are made of synthetic leather and padded insoles. Let’s see more of its features..

Why choose Rasolli Clogs shoes?

Some of the reasons why we can consider choosing this kind of shoes are the following..

  1. Synthetic Sole. These synthetic soles make the shoes more durable and comfortable as these will be worn for an extended period of time. It can stand the test of time and can withstand wear and tear of everyday use. They are also remarkably easy to clean.
  2. Padded Insole. Insole padding material can be gel, leather or even foam. These insoles support feet for long hours, and these padded insoles let your feet fit better with the right grip. The padded insole helps relieve pain and relaxes pressure points on your foot. It ensures your feet are comfortably rested and are also used for shock absorption. The insole is skid resistant, and are easy to maintain.
  3. Closed Back. Since these nursing shoes have covered backs, they support the ankle and reduce knee pain from standing and walking for a long time. They also protect you against any accidental fall of sharp objects and chemicals. The shoes cover your feet completely are tight-fitting, which makes them safe and comfortable.
  4. Platform Height of .50 Inch. Having a platform height will prevent ankle pain from walking on a hard surface. This gives you good arch support, which consequently helps you run and walk comfortably. Moreover, they add panache to professional attire. Some clogs have the imprint of pink breast cancer awareness. It also has a 1.5 inch heel for ankle protection.
  5. Glossy Surface. A glossy surface does not allow dirt and dust stick to it. Therefore, it is easy to clean. Clogs are available in different colors and also look classy.
  6. Affordable. Average closed back clogs are available at reasonable prices, starting from 22 dollars to 40 dollars. So, you can wear shoes with comfort at an affordable price.

The Review…

There has been mixed response from users. Most buyers are satisfied with the product whereas others have complained about hard platforms and wished for an insole with gel padding. Some shoes did not fit well whereas others were not comfortable wearing them for continuous stretches.

In our facility, some nurses are wearing this kind of shoes and they said that it is very comfortable for them but still a little expensive.

The Pros and the Cons ..

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What is good about these shoes is that it has:

• Padded insole for maximum comfort.

• Synthetic sole.

• Glossy surface hence easy to clean.

• .5 inches platform ensures maximum feet protection.

• Reasonable pricing.

The not so good things are:

• May not be available for all foot arch types.

• Is not much durable.


Shoes are very important for all of us, either at work or not. Just like a saying goes, “A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.”

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So, we need something that will give us comfort with a touch of fashion and style. Rasolli shoes may be good for some but not for others. Whether you opt for this kind of shoes or not, the most important thing to consider is if this will help you feel less of the pain after a long day’s work.

Points to ponder..

Points To Remember while choosing a shoe, especially a professional one that you will be wearing for long periods, you need to consider a few things for best results:

  1. Foot arch type. There are three types of foot arch: neutral or medium arches as well as low arches or flat foot, and high arches. Before choosing a clog, you need to ensure the insole matches with your foot arch type. If it doesn’t, you will be extremely uncomfortable. This can give you adverse results instead.
  2. Insole footbed type. There are 4 different footbed type constructions. There is the rigid-orthotic arch support and the semi-rigid orthotic arch support. We also have the cushioned arch support and the no arch support. You need to choose insole type depending on your work type and working hours. Arch supports prevent ankle pain. It checks overpronation and supination while walking.
  3. Material. It is also important to check the material of the insole. Cork insoles are for support and cushion while gel insoles are good shock absorbers. Lastly, leather insoles are mostly for the look.

Considering the features and purpose of these nursing shoes, it is important to take care of the shoe as well. This will make it durable and clean. Sometimes insoles may get moist because of sweat. In that case, remove the soles every now and then, and keep it to dry, or you can also wash them.

We’re hoping that this has helped in some way. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section and we will be more than happy to help you out as much as we can.





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