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Have you ever wondered what its like to enter the room of your patient, heads up and confident that you can do a blood draw or start an IV to a hard-stick patient in just one shot? How about the feeling of not finding someone anymore to assist you in getting blood from your patient because you know you got this! …sounds good, right?

Now, let me introduce to you a new device to assist healthcare professionals in doing their blood draws or starting an intravenous insertion..this is the Veinlite EMS PRO.

Many healthcare professionals are still having that difficulty in getting blood especially if you have not been doing it on a daily basis and if you have a “hard-stick” patient (someone whose veins are difficult to locate because it is moving, too small, flat, or difficult to compress). Most of the time you look for assistance from your co-workers to, as they say..“get the job done”.

How does Veinlite work.. and is it worth it? Well, in this blog we will do a review about this unique device. We will go into detail about this tool to know if it is really an additional accessory that you need in your 12-hour shift..

What is Veinlite EMS PRO?

For those who don’t know, Veinlite is a vein illuminator that is portable and hand-held.

A vein illuminator or vein finder is a medical device design to assist health care professionals to look for veins without difficulty. This aids in accessing veins quickly especially in emergency situations and to patients with more challenging veins compromised by health issues. Vein illuminators are also used on regular routine blood draws or procedures which demonstrates more efficiency and helps patient to relax more.

The Veinlite EMS Pro is recognized around the world as an essential part of an EMS kit. Kit includes: Veinlite EMS Pro, 24 LEDs in 3 colors, light shield, pediatric adapter, 50 disposable plastic covers, and 2 “AA” batteries


  • Includes a built-in white exam light mode that can be used in initial patient assessment
  • Ideal for working in low-light conditions
  • Optimal area of illumination
  • 24 LEDs in 3 colors (including the white exam light) operated by a single switch
  • Works on all age patients
  • Rugged, but easy-to-use
  • Ideal for mobile medical responders
  • Work on dark and light skin tones
  • Auto shutoff and long battery life
  • 4 1/2″ x 2 1/8″ x 13/16″
  • One year warranty


  • Less IV access failures
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Simple, single button operation
  • Less wasted supplies

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What people say..

I have asked some of my colleagues to use this device also to see the difference and most of them like it as it shows you where the vein is so as not to stick patient more than once. I even have a friend who said that she was about to remove the needle since she cannot find it anymore but after using the Veinlite, she saw that she was going away from the vein, so she tried it and was able to get it once.

However, there were some who still does not accept modern device to assist them since for them the old-fashioned way of palpating the vein is still more effective than using such device.

vein 3

My experience…

I, personally, have tried many times using this Veinlite EMS Pro especially to all my patients who need blood draws or IV insertion. It was an unsuccessful blood draw the first time, even my co-worker tried it once but the same thing she was not able to do it as well. A lot of reasons probably should be considered for you to be successful in using this.

One thing needed though is to make sure that the environment is not too bright… I know what you are going to say.. What, dim light?! Well… if you want to really maximize the usage of this device then I suggest doing it. In the box, it includes a light shield to assist you in finding veins even with bright light..but for me, I prefer not using it. I often use this tool especially to dark skinned patients and I always get it done.

I also tried it at home and used it to my husband and my 3 year-old daughter and was able to check easily their veins and my daughter was not scared as this device looks somewhat interesting for her because of the different colors of the lights.

Let’s compare…

This is a list of some vein illuminators that’s out in the market today. Below is just some comparison/features of each one of them and people’s reviews:

Vein Illuminators Veinlite EMS PRO Portable Adult Transilluminator I.V. Vein Finder Illumivein Portable Red LED Light Vein Finder Transilluminator Respironics Wee Sight Transilluminator Vein Finder

*Number of LEDs: 24 (12 Orange + 4 Red + 8 white)*Number of Switches: 1

*Inside Ring Diameter: 21mm

*FDA and CE registered

*Meets INS and CDC Guidelines for Infection Control

*New-Integrated white exam light

*Works on all age patients

*Batteries: 2xAA Alkaline

*Battery Life: 3 hrs 26 minutes

*9 High Performance Red Illumination LEDs (not a red filter)*Black Aluminum Body with Nylon Wrist Strap

*FDA Registered

*Ideal for Adults, Pediatrics, Neonatal, Med-Surg, Surgical, Doctor’s Offices, Phlebotomy Lab

*Better visualization helps reduce needle stick attempts*Shaped to position easily around babies’ tiny limbs

*Sized small enough to be used inside an incubator

*Cool light protects babies from burns

*Designed with Caregivers in Mind

Weight 13.6 ounces 5.6 ounces 3.84 ounces

*Easy to use*The light is blinding if you accidentally look at it

*Good in finding veins for dark skin patients


*Perfect for finding veins, tracing them, visualizing how delicate they are, and identifying any branches (bifurcations?) to avoid*Works well as long as the room is dimly lit

*Mainly use the Wee Sight for infants and children under 2 years or on elderly who have thin skin*Brings out veins that are nearly impossible to see and/or palpate without it

*Tourniquet or not


The Verdict…

Finding a vein is really hard especially for certain types of people. The advent of these kinds of assistance has definitely improved the efficiency of healthcare professionals in being able to draw blood, either for routine exams or for procedures.

Veinlite EMS PRO is truly a new way of finding veins. It is handy, you can put it in your pocket, very light, fashionable and practical. It comes with a disposable plastic covers to avoid spread of infection to other patients.

Overall, Veinlite EMS PRO has attained its main goal of providing assistance in finding veins. We give credit to the one who made this possible as this truly contributed to the improvement of the performance of healthcare professionals.

We’re hoping that this has helped in some way. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section and we will be more than happy to help you out as much as we can.

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  • Kenneth says:

    This device would have made the nurses taking care of my younger brother job so much easier since his veins were extremely hard to locate. I noticed by the pictures that it gives off a “red” light. Does this make it easier to find the veins? I am old school and all I remember about drawing blood is the nurse would tie off an arm and wait for a vein to appear. But according to this device, it works on everyone – including patients like my younger brother. Praise the Lord for technology!

    I can see the advantages of using this device because it makes the job complete the first time, without any mistakes. I am glad I read this review about the Veinlite EMS PRO device. I see the benefit of using this and recommend it for every doctor’s office.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Kenneth and we are glad that you liked it. It is still being done as of now the one that you still need to use a torniquet to tie the site and then look for a vein that will appear..however, using this device would really make it easier for the vein to be seen even without waiting for the vein to appear as the red light will help user see it much better and also see the orientation of the vein if it is straight or crooked. 

      If there is anything that we can do a review about any medical devices that you like, please email us at and we will be glad to do so.. Have a great day! Thanks again. 🙂

  • Samm says:

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough review and details explanation on Veinlite EMS PRO.

    You did an excellent job by highlighting the best features in it.

    I can see that it is small and very easy to carry with you which make it more convenient for anyone carry it with them.

    Definitely worth bookmarking this page for future use. I will definitely comeback here for reference.

    Thank you for this comprehensive post.

    All The best

    • admin says:

      Thank you Samm and we are glad that you liked it. If there is anything that we can do a review about any medical devices that you like, please email us at and we will be glad to do so.. Have a great day! Thanks again. 🙂

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