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Common Allergies List…for Children and Adults

Sometimes we suffer inadvertently by virtue of lack of knowledge on why certain problems occur to us or our children.

Causes of Nose Bleeds..How to Deal with It

Nosebleeds may be scary but in most cases, they don’t mean anything serious. They are also defined as bleeding blood vessels inside the nose.

Life with an Insulin Pump..the Good and the Bad

In this article, we are going to tell you what its like to have and live a life with an insulin pump. What it is, how it works, and if it is better than daily injections.

Stop Hemorrhoids…know the Causes, Effects, and Treatments

Hemorrhoids are something we hear a lot about, but what are they?

Keratosis Pilaris Treatment..the Need to Know about it

Keratosis Pilaris (also called chicken skin) is a skin condition that is common and causes areas of bumps to appear on the skin.

What is Streptococcus Infection? ..everything you need to know

The symptoms can range from a mild throat infection to a life-threatening infection of the blood or organs…

Gout Symptoms and Treatment…

Have you ever had any severe pain in your joints, especially in your foot..your big toe? Does the symptoms sometimes gets worse and sometimes none at all? Well, I think you need to read this article to learn more about this kind of problem. Let me tell you about Gout, a very painful and disabling... View Article

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV): Are you at risk?

Every 1st of December, the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrate the World AIDS Day to raise awareness of AIDS caused by HIV infections.

Diabetes Diet there such thing?

When I was diagnosed to have diabetes, there’s a lot of things that went into my mind…and one of these is about FOOD! What can I eat? Can I still enjoy the same foods that I have been eating?

Hypertension and its Risk to your Health

Did you know that 1.13 billion people worldwide have been affected with Hypertension? Predominantly on adults aged 25 and over. About an estimated 7.5 million deaths

How to know if you have Diabetes – Warning signs!

Approximately 30.3 million of people (9.4 percent of the U.S. population) have this big D…”Diabetes”, this is according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive

Product Review

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device..a Dexcom G6 Review

What is a continuous glucose monitoring? This helps track your blood sugar levels day and night, and collects readings automatically every 5 to 15 minutes.

How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally…by Changing your Gut to Change your Life

When we think about weight loss, the first thing to pop up in our mind is DIET. Call it human psychology or belief, a general perception is that if we eat less, we will lose weight.

T Slim Insulin Pump..the Pros and Cons

With the increase of people with diabetes comes the increase of different ways to help manage it..and one way is using an insulin pump.

Medline Lightweight Wheelchair…a Folding Transport Adult Wheelchair

Transport chairs provides easier access for someone or for their caregivers to help them get around in comfort and ease.

Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane…a product review

A good quad cane is a reliable assistant in everyday walking. Sometimes, old-fashioned canes are really awkward to handle, and provide rather more difficulties to walking than help the process.

Zyon…a Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier

Have you ever felt what its like to not hear anything? This article will discuss about a device that is ideal for anyone who has a hearing problem.

Drive Medical Adjustable Height Rollator…a Detailed Review

Are you having mobility issues or are recovering from an injury or illness? Well, the Drive Medical Adjustable Height Rollator seeks to make life easier.

Commode Chair…a Review about UltraCommode Product

UltraCommode is a modern design chair that gives users and the caregivers the versatility to do toilet or bathroom activities.

FreeStyle Libre Pro Flash Glucose Monitoring in-depth review

The FreeStyleLibre Pro-Flash Glucose Monitoring System is an ideal glucose monitoring system device for people aged 18 or older.

Medical Alert Watches…is it worth it?

Medical alert watches have proved to offer outstanding benefits to the patients. It is easy to set and easy to use. Due to its ease of operation, it is recommended by some health practitioners.

Qardio Blood Pressure Monitor…a handy monitor device

Many things require the best tools or equipment for optimal success, be it at home, in the office or when you happen to be astir.

Accu Chek Aviva Expert…the new technology for blood sugar testing

Maintaining your diabetes means that you need to make sure your blood sugar is always within the normal range..why? because you don’t want any complications..complications that can change your life FOREVER!

Veinlite EMS PRO…a new way of finding veins

Have you ever wondered what its like to enter the room of your patient, heads up and confident that you can do a blood draw or start an IV to a hard-stick patient in just one shot?

Eko Core Digital…a new-look at stethoscope

When I was young, I always admire my dad when he puts his stethoscope around his neck and start checking his patients. I felt so proud and was eager to do the same thing already.


Compression Socks for Nurses…the Top Picks

Are you working in a place where it requires standing for a long period of time?

Women’s Clogs – Rasolli Women’s Professional Closed-back Clogs Review

Rasolli has launched professional nursing shoes, closed back clogs, that combines comfort and style.

Nursing dress uniforms..the evolution of scrub suits

I still remember how I picture nurses when I was still young..people (..mostly women) who wore white dress with white apron…


Prestige Medical Analog Stethoscope Watch…New Innovative Stethoscope

The Prestige Medical Analog Stethoscope Watch is a medical tool that combines the traditional stethoscope commonly used in everyday medical practice, with a simple analogue watch.

Children on the Spectrum..a Guide to Sensory Friendly Toys

Shopping for toys for children on the spectrum can be a difficult task. There are many products today that are too much of a sensory overload for children with Autism.

Best Anti-Snoring Devices..the Top 3

Snoring occurs as a result of some difficulty in the movement of air through your nose and throat during sleep.

NCLEX RN Examination – Saunders Comprehensive Review

The book equips learners with critical thinking skills that are required to pass NCLEX examinations. High quality answers are provided to the exam type questions, and the best advice, strategies and approaches are provided.

Medical Terminology Cheat alternative to the traditional!

As healthcare professionals, was there an instance that you need something to remind you of important numbers or levels?

Nurse fanny pack and its significance

Have you ever experienced going to a patient’s room then immediately getting out since you forgot something? or you were able to call someone but it took a while…


Rachell Allen NCLEX Review – everything you need to know..

With the recent digitization epidemic taking the world by storm…

Online Continuing Education Units for Nurses and its significance

As nurses, we always need to have our skills improved. We need to cultivate it in a way where we can have a better foundation to provide the best care.