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Rachell Allen NCLEX Review – everything you need to know..

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With the recent digitization epidemic taking the world by storm, the last few decades have already seen a meteoric rise in electronic classes. These types of online tutorials are readily gaining the eyes of the students of all streams, including those who want to pass their nationwide NCLEX exam for a nursing preparation and license without getting into the vast study methods.

When it comes to list the cream of the crop of the top NCLEX review classes and modules, you just can’t stop talking about the Rachell Allen NCLEX Review live classes and its other corporate skill enhancement programs that can take your game to the next level. Wonder, why?

The Rachell Allen tutorials are already topping the list of the best live classroom ambiance for their enhanced live review courses and specialized corporate skill-up programs, besides an extreme cutting-edge curriculum, concise format, value addition, and the easy-to-follow guidelines that benefit the course takers. Neat, huh? However, here is what else you should know before you step on the ground…

Why Choose Rachell Allen Live Review Classes?

Based in Ontario, CA, and designed exclusively by the Professor Rachell Allen himself, the Rachell Allen course modules and classes offers a time tested live solution, which blends quality and cost-effectiveness together. These classes offer a constantly updated curriculum of NCLEX exams and other professional soft-skill programs designed to strengthen the core of the future global talent pool.

If you want to take nursing as a career, this site could not be a better option. Let’s say, you are a graduate from a registered nursing institute and seeking a career in the field of nursing. So, all you need now is an examination of NCLEX to receive your license.

This exam has two broad types – NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN. Before you can start practicing into any level of nursing, you must sit for these exams first. No matter whether you are from a distant country, looking for a brief review course or an in-depth tutorial, the Rachell Allen NCLEX review live classes have something for every nursing candidate. They are carefully designed by academia veterans to give you a next level solution in your NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN exam clearance.

There are two types of classes available for you. One offers a ’10-Day NCLEX Live Course’ and the other talks about a ’35-Day Boot Camp’, focusing on the most important nursing concepts that is usually seen in the exams. And guess what, the application is just a matter of a few easy steps. Go online, choose your location, fill up the form and add the payment details.

Yes, applying for a scheduled review is indeed that simple. However, the story does not end here. These kinds of real-time classes can offer you hundreds, if not thousands of advantages of getting the stellar feats in your nursing career. So, let’s discuss them one by one.

What makes Rachell Allen Review Classes Unique?

Today, there are gazillions of sites available online for your NCLEX preparation, but the Rachell Allen NCLEX review classes can make a whole lot of difference with their features and methodology of education that are truly one-of-a-kind. The state-of-the-art live class-room infra is probably the best thing about this review center and the set-up claims to offer the best and exceptional review classes unlike any other review center in the USA.

Here’s what you should know about the live class room set-up:

  • All classes are live classroom set-up with online test taking
  • You can avail two types of real-time classes here
  • The 10-day session offers 80 hours of study
  • The 35-day boot camp offers a detailed and critical content coverage based on the core and the latest NCLEX trends
  • All classes are based on an emphasis on the Prioritization and the SATA (Select-All-That-Apply) sets
  • All classes emphasis on a wide array of multilevel systematic and analytical drills to enhance critical thinking
  • Real-time case studies offer practical analysis and clinical solutions
  • Digital and up-to-date course materials for live classes

Rachell Allen 35-day NCLEX Review

Also, the free diagnostic and predictor exam tests after the real-time classes will keep you on top of your NCLEX exam readiness. However, let’s take a quick look at the other advantages as well:

  • Optimal support during live tutorials
  • Exam relevant topics only
  • Access to 500+ nursing questions and 1800+ NCLEX style questions besides free practice questions that can be done online
  • Mock predictor assessments offer a scientific overview of applicant’s strength and weakness
  • Special caregiver modules for the early pass-outs and the NCLEX failed candidates
  • Special support to those students from the foreign countries

The Pros…

There are few things that I can say is what I like and is good with Rachel Allen Review center, these are:

  • All sessions are live
  • A very positive and motivating ambiance
  • One step registration and access to the dynamic live modules, and digital study kits
  • Round the clock live support
  • The course content is exclusively designed by professors, educators and researchers
  • Live Refresher Modules and Post Course Predictor Modules that are extremely easy-to-follow
  • Flexible schedules
  • Wide access to test taking strategies, practice questions and online Q-Bank
  • Special focus on SATA, Pharmacology Questions and Prioritization
  • Weekly real-time one-to-one student-faculty interactions
  • Student testimonials (Please find below)
  • Live review sessions are offered to applicants from the USA, Canada, Africa, UK, Philippines and the Middle East
  • All contents are mobile device compatible
  • Students passing through predictive tests with a 75%-78% marks receive a special guarantee of the NCLEX exam clearance
  • Course fees are reasonable

The Cons…


The thing I can say with regards to this part is that they do not have money back guarantee policy which for me is somewhat understandable as the information you will get after your review from Rachel Allen is very helpful and will truly guide you as you pursue your career in nursing.

Rachell Allen Testimonials

What their Students have to say..


Lots of student testimonials are available in the Rachell Allen NCLEX review website and some of them can actually help you make the career decisions faster. So, let’s see how these hands-on training has really helped some people excel in their nursing career:

  • Lucia from CA says“…Rachell Allen will provide you with the study materials, attitude and strategies you need to pass”
  • Melissa from Illinois says, “…I came across Rachell Allen. This was by far the best decision I have ever made.”
  • Pius from CA says,“…big thanks to the Rachell Allen team for I PASSED this time.”
  • Kristell from Texas says“….it doesn’t matter how many times you have had to take the English test or NCLEX. You are a Nurse! Don’t ever lose your faith!! And you are limitless. God’s timing is always perfect!””

Ref. Link:,

In a nutshell..


With a sound, up-to-date and live content, the Rachell Allen NCLEX review classes are the best live sessions for anyone willing to kick-start a nursing career with the NCLEX license, both RN and PN. These classes roll out the best real-time modules that are both industry-relevant and dynamically optimized and offer you everything you need to pass your NCLEX exams.

What’s more, these live classes will take you through the most critical studies that will help you convert your theoretical nursing concept into a flawless practical application.

We’re hoping that this has helped in some way. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section and we will be more than happy to help you out as much as we can.

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