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Nursing dress uniforms..the evolution of scrub suits

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* DISCLAIMER: This blog is just to show comparison of some branded scrub suits that is being sold online or in-store based on our and other people’s own reviews and is NOT intended to endorse any brand. *


I still remember how I picture nurses when I was still young..people (..mostly women) who wore white dress with white apron, white hat, white stockings, and white shoes…a picture of purity and stature. For me, as I was growing, nurses symbolized trust and balance, and they were usually the ones that patients go to first (..or sometimes even trust) before their own doctors, they are more comfortable with them than with their own physicians.

The evolution of the nurses uniforms has come a long way. Long time ago, in the year 1800s, was when nursing uniforms were established. From the long dresses with aprons before to the newest, latest, and fashionable scrub suits today, the design of these uniforms has changed in time based on performance, trends, and the role of the nurse.

With the evolution of style and appearance of nurses’ uniforms, I sometimes wonder, is it worth it?

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Compare the Differences

The long dress with long sleeves and an apron during the time of Florence Nightingale (..who was known as The Lady with the Lamp” during her time), was to prevent nurses from becoming ill. This is a symbol of femininity, stature and profession. As years passed so as the transition of the uniforms for nurses. The long dress and sleeves became shorter, wearing caps started to fade, and gearing more towards a pantsuit attire giving more mobility and comfort but less of the feminine style.

In the 19th century, it’s a usual practice for women to wear a hat for sanitary purposes. Nurse’s cap was mandatory before as this serve as to keep the nurse’s hair neatly in place and present a modest appearance. It is a fixture during the time of Florence Nightingale, together with the long dresses with aprons. Gone were those days when those frilly caps were still is now just a status symbol for the profession. References: and

The transition of nurse uniform continues until in the year 1990s where countries, like US and Europe, have adapted the use of scrub suits. We see now-a-days nurses or other healthcare professionals wearing scrub suits in hospitals or other healthcare facilities. Scrub suit derived its name from those people, surgeons or other personnel, in the operating room or “scrubbed” environment. It is a medical uniform that has short-sleeved shirt and pants with a drawstring. Scrub suits are very functional and provides the healthcare professionals comfort, style, and a lot of mobility. It has also evolved in various aspects imaginable. and

Don’t you ever wonder why there are a lot of new, fashionable, comfy scrub suits being sold now-a-days? With all these scrub suits that has come out, do you still know which one to choose?

What people say…

I have asked some nurses what they like about their scrub suits and they often have the same answers…they like it because it gives more mobility, more comfortable, and very functional. As a person who is also wearing one, I agree with what they said. I have met and worked with nurses who are in this field for many years, they have seen the changes from the white dress uniforms to the now scrub suit type. Some of them like the change also but there are still some that prefers the original as this distinguishes them from other healthcare professionals, as what they said.

There are a lot of brands and style for scrubs suits. I have made a comparison of some of those that I usually use and what differentiates them from the others based on people’s reviews:

Scrub suit 1
Scrub Suit Brand Cherokee Infinity by women’s Scrub set Landau Lynx Women’s Mock Wrap Fierce Tunic Solid Scrub Top with Trailblazer Cargo Scrub Pant Grey’s Anatomy Signature 2115 Women’s V-Neck Solid Scrub Top with pants


Dickies Gen Flex Women’s V-Neck Scrub Top GenFlex Straight Leg Drawstring Scrub Pant Scrub Set


Product Details

*Fabric content: 95% Polyester/5% Spandex Poplin

*Women’s Round Neck scrub top features 2 patch pockets, princess seams, side vents, stretch rib knit center and a badge loop

*Women’s straight leg scrub pant features an elastic knit waistband, slash pockets, zip closure cargo pocket, and bungee loop

*Note: Sizes indicated as ‘Top/Pants’ (e.g. Small/Small Petite = Small Top/Small Petite Pants)

*Machine wash

*Fabric content: 87% Polyester/13% Spandex


*Missy fit

*Athletic styling

*Crossover mock wrap v-neckline

*Short sleeves

*Front and back princess seaming

*Drawstring closure

*Athletic styling

*Mid rise

*Flare leg

*Elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring tie closure

*Fabric content: 74% Polyester / 23% Rayon / 3% Spandex Twill

*3 Pockets

*Surplice top

*Front and back princess edge stitching seams

*Fabric content: 52% Cotton / 45% Polyester / 3% Spandex Twill


*Instrument loop

*2 patch pockets with instrument slots and a bungee loop above the right pocket

Features *Thick, lightweight weight, stretchy, comfortable, and durable *Very light, breathable, very thin material, somewhat silky, stretchy, moisture wicking, comfortable, do not shrink*Good for hot working conditions. *High quality, super soft*Fabric, washes well and smooth *Durable, practical style different pockets making it easy to work in*Has design of badge ring
Price $47.09 – $73.96 $19.96 – $33.88 (top) $13.53 – $52.25 (pants) $29.45 – $34.77 (top) $18.30 – $38.95 (pants) $36.56 – $49.96

References: and Scrubs&Beyond;

Where to Find?

With all these scrub suits that’s coming out of the market, you can buy them as in anywhere! Stores, like Walmart, cater different kinds of scrub suits. Some brands are good but some are not that good as these are a little uncomfortable and feels so dry and crumples easily. If you want to buy those that are more comfortable but more expensive, then you can go straight to scrub suit stores or even go online as there are a lot of online stores that are selling scrub suits that will suit your own preference.

My husband and I usually visit the store to buy scrub suits as we prefer wearing it before buying because we are visual people. In-store or online scrubs have a lot of variety and you can even combine it with other accessories for a complete package!

To sum it up…

Even with the rise of scrub suit era, we still cannot deny that for most people, image of a nurse will still be of the past-one who wears white..dress, apron, cap, stockings, and shoes.

Uniforms, either in the past or present, should not be the basis for us on how to care for our patients. At the end of the day it all boils down to one thing…and that’s the skills and knowledge we offer to all our patients.

Nursing uniforms or scrub suits are outfit that should always be respectable and requires distinguishable features to allow us to perform easily and carry-out our responsibilities.

We’re hoping that this has helped in some way. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section and we will be more than happy to help you out as much as we can.

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