Nurse fanny pack and its significance

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Medical Gear Hip Bag

*DISCLAIMER: This blog is just a review of the medical accessory and show comparison to other brands but is NOT intended to sell or endorse any brand.*


Have you ever experienced going to a patient’s room then immediately getting out since you forgot something? or you were able to call someone but it took a while for them to give what you need?

..Isn’t tiring to go back and forth in the room or elsewhere and get the things you need? I’m pretty sure that your legs will surely be sore at the end of your shift.

How about the feeling of bringing everything and there is not enough space in your pockets to put your stuffs since it’s already full of all your accessories?

Now-a-days, there are new trends of accessories that can help nurses in their work…the so-called additional gadgets you can use.

Belt bags (..also known as fanny packs), watches, pocket guide, penlight, scissors, retractable badge holder, alcohol swabs, flushes, calculator, stethoscopes, are some of the many things a nurse usually has in the scrub suits…some necessary and some not that much. All these accessories are more of our personal things..those that can help us do our jobs better.

Where do we buy them and is it worth it? All of these accessories and more are available either in-store or online in different styles and designs. Though some of these are not new to us, with the catchy styles and new looks of these products today makes it more enticing to the public viewers… including me.

One accessory I usually used during my shift is a belt bag/fanny pack. This gives me additional pockets for my additional gadgets. One brand that I like is the MU belt bag. In this blog, I made a review about this belt bag, made comparison with other brands, and checked if this is really something necessary for everyone to have

What is MU belt bag?

MU belt bag is a functional utility bag that has numerous pockets, one of which is sealed for additional security. This bag is made out of neoprene, a fabric that is used for wet suits.

MU bag has a front cover flap so hide items and velcro tab for quick and easy seal. This bag was designed to have different pocket depths for easy identification of equipment.

MU bag was created by a Victorian nurse for nurses and it’s becoming popular across many industries. Reference:,

One reason why I prefer using a belt bag is because It is very convenient for me and it helps me organized my things. It is also comfortably, can carry my accessories like pens, scissors, forceps, calculator, small pocket guide, alcohol wipes, stickers, even my glucose tablets and lip balm/lipstick. Another reason is that it provides safe storage for my credit cards, car keys, and cellphone while I am at work.

Close up photo of MU belt bag

Let us compare…

Below is just a comparison of different brands of belt bags:


Medical Belt Bag Medical Gear Hip Bag, Nurse MU Belt Bag Valencia Med 2 Sided – 9 Pocket Organizer Utility Belt, Black
Product Features

*Antimicrobial properties/ Materials*Hands Free Carrying System

*Highest Quality Design & Construction

*Key Items at Your Fingertips

**Dimensions: 14” L x 7.5” H, Weight: 1 lb

*Adjustable belt fits size 8-14*Pouch measure 14cm x 14cm

*5 options available- Black, Novelty, Purple, Blue & Dog print

*Multiple compartments, zips, Velcro flap

*Australian designed

*Stretchable neoprene material

*30 cm extension belt available separately

*Available in small, medium and large size

*Nurse Organizer Utility Belt, Designed for nurses*9 Pockets (one zippered-two netted)

*Belt Length: 37.4 in, Organizer size: 6 x 8 inches

*Double Sided/Reversible. Wear on either side

*Conveniently carries pens, scissors, IV tape, disposable gloves, keys, money, large cell phone, etc. Sturdy, yet lightweight. **Item sold empty.

Price $ 19.99 $ 34.95 $ 17.98

Reference: and

MU belt bag horizontal

Valencia Med 2 sided

The Good and Bad…

As the saying goes, nothing is perfect. Even in bags, you cannot find one thing that has every feature you like. I have made a chart of the things I like and not so like about this brand of belt bag:

Good Bad
Many pouches for tools to put in Bigger cellphone cannot fit in
Front cover flap that conceal potentially hazardous items Hand washin mild detergent and cold water or, for disinfecting, use 1 anti-bacterial tablet in 2 liters of cold water
Velcro tab provides for a quick and easy seal Air dry in the shade
The pockets of varying depths have been designed to allow for easy identification of your equipment
Fits Snugly to the contours of your body
Provide storage of your credit cards


Fanny packs and its reviews…

I also made comparison of the things most people like and don’t like about the brand of belt bags they are using:


Belt Bag/Fanny Pack GOOD BAD
Medical Gear Hip Bag, Nurse *Lots of compartments*Convenient hands-free way to access your go-to gear

*Very large*Loops to hang retractable lines

*Pockets are very flat

*A bit tight

MU Belt Bag

*Many pouches for tools to put in*Front cover flap that conceal potentially hazardous items

*Velcro tab provides for a quick and easy seal

*The pockets of varying depths have been designed to allow for easy identification of your equipment

*Fits Snugly to the contours of your body

*Provide storage of your credit cards


*Comfortable and flexible

*Bigger cellphone cannot fit in*Hand wash in mild detergent and cold water or, for disinfecting, use 1 anti-bacterial tablet in 2 liters of cold water

*Air dry in the shade

*Smaller for those who have a big waist line

*Available only in small, medium large size

Valencia Med 2 Sided – 9 Pocket Organizer Utility Belt, Black *Key rings*Keeps pens, lights, notes phone and credit card organized with room for more space *Too small*Belt seem to be designed for a small child

Reference: and

In my opinion…

Nursing accessories are indeed a vital necessity for nurses. Belt bags/fanny packs, as an example, can be a good tool to use during your 12-hour shift. It may be funny for some people in the nursing world seeing someone wearing a belt bag, but it will definitely be beneficial to the one using it. I, personally, avoid as much as possible putting a lot of things in my pants as this makes me less mobile and uncomfortable. Using a belt bag gives me more freedom and space at the same time.

I give credit to the one who designed this MU belt bag and introduced it to the healthcare world. Though there are a lot of other brands and styles of fanny packs, I can say that this one has stepped my standards, that is.

However, belt bags/fanny packs are just added accessory to your uniform..or scrub suit and should not be the reference as to how you provide care to your patients.

We’re hoping that this has helped in some way. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section and we will be more than happy to help you out as much as we can.

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