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Medline Lightweight Wheelchair…a Folding Transport Adult Wheelchair

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What is a transport chair? Is this the same as the regular wheelchairs?

Transport chairs provides easier access for someone or for their caregivers to help them get around in comfort and ease. If we compare this to a standard wheelchair, a transport chair requires someone, can be a caregiver, to push the chair. A transport chair is lighter than a wheelchair and more compact which makes getting around easier.

In this article, we will tell you about a Transport chair/wheelchair and will go deep into its detail if it is worth the buy…

Medline-Lightweight-Transport-Adult-Folding-Wheelchair brings a whole new experience to caregivers. The transport chair makes it easy for caregivers and loved ones to get you around in ease and comfort. It is safe, comfy and easy to push around.

elder in a wheelchair

Style and design…

Besides the comfy nylon material, Medline folding wheelchair is attractively designed. Also, the wheelchair is specially designed for users’ comfort while eating. It comes with detachable restaurant-style arm rests and outlet, giving you maximum comfort at mealtimes.

Furthermore, its aluminum components make it outstanding. Besides its ease of movement from place to place, it is elegant and attracting.

Also, the wheelchair comes with a fold-down back that makes movement easier. The back of the chair has several features like multiple pockets for gadgets such as iPods and cell phones.

Other features include a key ring and a cup holder.


The wheelchair is designed with a seat belt that holds the user firmly in place, preventing trip-off in the case of bumps or accidents.

For your trips, the lightweight chair allows for easy pick-up in and out of the car. While other wheelchairs have high armrest making them consume large storage space, this transport chair is distinctive.

Interestingly, you do not require any tool to fix the footrests. With its padded armrests, social events and general outings are totally devoid of discomfort. It can fit under, most table-height. The loop-lock handbrakes are designed for safety – particularly to prevent rear wheels from moving when packed.


Basically, the wheelchair is made of an aluminum framework. The design is of powder coating for rust prevention.

To fight against the adverse effects of deteriorating agents like air and water, the transport wheelchair is built with top standard and durable materials. Maintenance and cleaning are cheap and easy


Medline deserves an accolade for the easy fold-up system of the transport wheelchair. Also, the footrest can be detached for easy storage and convenience.

The bigger back wheels guarantee steadiness on bumpy landscapes, making it highly suitable for outdoors.

Additionally, the nylon upholstery prevents overheating, providing optimum comfort for users in hot weather conditions.

Price and Warranty…

Medline lightweight wheelchair is relatively affordable. Although the price varies from one seller to another, they are within same price bracket.

Also, the products offer a lifetime warranty on frame and cross frame. For the upholstery, hand grips, foot, and armrest, wheel lock, folding system, castors, and other parts susceptible to wear and tear, their warranty covers only one year.

What Are The Pros?

It comes in relatively tight nylon furnishing; stain resistant and easy to clean.

The product is designed with armrest and footrest for optimal comfort in all activities.

Though made of top standard durable materials, it is relatively affordable.

It offers users comfort, and caregivers ease.

Foldable; offering ease of transport while on trips or for the outdoors.

The armrests could serve as a table, desk, or counter.

It comes with accessories designed to provide comfort, as well as keep users basic supplies at arms’ length.

It comes with moveable armrest and footrest.


Seat belt sometimes obstruct the wheels when not in use.

Ineffective shock absorber.

Some discomfort when on bumpy surfaces

The Customer’s Experience

A friend of ours once said that her aged frail looking mother used to have this big wheelchair to move her around – particularly for medical checkups and shopping. Over time, it became tiring moving the heavy-weighted chair out and back into the car. They needed something more convenient.

Their search led them to a medical supply shop and, among other options, they picked this particular transport wheelchair. She said, “I wouldn’t mind spending $75 more for convenience and ease if all the salesman said was true – so I did, hopefully. After a three-day wait, the transport wheelchair arrived on a Tuesday evening. It was surprising how I was done with the set up in no time. It was as easy as ABC. And, notably, it felt so light. I could easily throw it into the car. So, this allowed me go more places with my mother. I couldn’t keep the new experience to myself. I was so loud about it until my colleague at work ordered same product for her ailing aunt. And it’s been almost the same testimonial from her”.

Some says they like the little foot rests on the back which help to pop the front up to get over small ledges, like a ramp. The brakes on the handles makes it easier to control the chair while going downhill.

Though some were satisfied with the product, there were others who were not. Some says the arms do not go under a table, or the front wheel encasing bent easily, or the back seat locks don’t work.

In Conclusion…

This transport wheelchair is easily assembled and impressively light-weight. This chair isn’t so large-sized like the regular wheelchair. So far, it’s been a great experience for our friend’s mom using this transport wheelchair, though with some discomfort when on bumpy surfaces.

Buying a transport wheelchair is an investment you don’t want to regret in the long-run. Among other factors, comfortability, price, utility, are basics to be considered when buying a wheelchair.

Medline lightweight transport wheelchair offers comfort – for both the user and the caregiver.

We’re hoping that this has helped in some way. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section and we will be more than happy to help you out as much as we can.

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