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Medical Alert Watches…is it worth it?

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Have you heard about a medical alert watch? Have you ever seen a watch that can remind you of your medication or even save your life? How cool is that! This is a review about medical alert watches, its features, and qualities that, as they say, is an important tool for people that needs assistance.

Here are some watches with different features:

1. Cadex Medical Watch:

  • Product: The e-pill Cadex 12 Alarm Medication Reminder Watch
  • Price: $135.00-$210.00 & FREE Shipping (price varies)
  • Cheapest online stores to buy:
  • Size of machine: 5.5 x 2.7 x 1.5 Inches, 8.7-14.6 Inch Cuff Size, 0.68 Lb. weight


2. Verpro Smart Watch:

  • Waterproof Fitness Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor
  • Wearable Oxygen Blood Pressure Wrist Watch
  • Price from $ 58.99 – $89.20 (Please check the shipping details)
  • Cheapest online stores to buy:
  • Bluetooth Running GPS Tracker Sport Band
  • Available color Black, Grey Light Purple


3. CallToU Caregiver Pager Wireless Nurse Calling Alert Vibration for Elderly/Patient/Disbale at Home: 

  • Caregiver pager for taking care of patients or elderly at family or nursing home.
  • One call button could call multiple receivers at the same time
    Each receiver support more than 100pcs of transmitter
  • Price: $67.99 , price varies from time to time. Please check Shipping details
  • Cheapest online stores to buy:
  • Modern & stylish design, Portable and easy installation
    Approx. 500+feet operation range (open air), IP55 waterproof buttons,
    Low power consumption
  • Specifications… the battery in Receiver is rechargeable, battery in Transmitter:12V 23A ALkaline battery, Working distance:500+Feet in open area
  • Package… 1  Wrist pager receiver, 2 Transmitters, 2 Double sided Adhesive Tapes, 1  User Manual,  2  12V 23A batteries
  • Special Instruction…The transmitter requires a 23A 12V Alkaline battery which is already included and not rechargeable


Now, let us take a peek to one of the medical alert watches, the Cadex Medical Watch, and let us go deep if this is a good watch that can help patients or anyone who needs a little help to remember to take medications…but before we start, let us understand first what really is a medical alert watch…

What is a Medical Alert Watch?

The medical alert watches are electronic devices used by patients as a reminder of the exact time they should take their medication. The medical alert watches have multiple alarming systems that have been programmed to determine the exact medication time. This device is commonly tied on the wrists for convenience.

The use of medical alert watches in healthcare has grown in popularity…it has saved many lives during emergencies.

How does Cadex Medical Alert Watch Works..


Cadex Medical alert watches are available in various shapes, frames and designs making them attractive to prospective customers (patients). Besides that, the modern medical alert watch has the capacity to store the patient’s details in its database.

Such medical information includes:

  • Patients name and personal contact
  • Medical conditions that should trigger an alarm e.g. Pacemaker and Diabetes
  • Potential allergens e.g. Bee stings
  • Doctor’s information, including the phone number
  • The phone number to contact during emergencies
  • Blood group and type
  • Year of birth
  • Health insurer details

Having this in mind, it is very vital to understand that the best medical alert watches are always simple both in design and use. This makes them convenient for everyone ranging from the young aged, middle-aged to the elderly.

The disabled are also taken care of by the watch. It has vibration alert systems that can help the visually impaired to monitor their medication time. Some of these medical watches also have voice alert systems.

Interestingly, the Cadex medical alert watch can also be easily programmed to remind the patient of the time to take medication, the dosage and the type of medication to be administered. To save on power, the watch functions just as normal watches in case of no emergency.

In case of Emergency…


Several guidelines have been put in place to help the patients understand how to use the medical watch. For example, a patient is advised to press the ALERT button of the Cadex medical watch during emergencies. Every click of the button transmits signals to the device database which is translated to information that can be used for future reference.

The Data Bank of the medical watch can also be set manually. This can be done by first pressing the MODE option repeatedly until the DATABANK mode is displayed on the screen of the watch. This is followed by pressing either the FORWARD button or the REVERSE button to choose the item to set or edit

Other Features…

The Cadex medical alarm watches have unique and amazing features such as:

  • Prolonged alarm duration of about 5 hours
  • SNOOZE mode to alert the patient at different time intervals
  • Automatic reset mode
  • Beeping and vibration sounds
  • Alert ID for emergencies
  • Normal time function (also date)
  • Many daily alarms (about 12)
  • Tailored to perform clinical trials
  • Available in different sizes, shapes, designs, and materials

Advantages of Cadex Medical Alert Watch

The Cadex Medical Alert watch has its good and not so good things. Here are some advantages of this kind of watch:

  • Reminds the patient when to take medication
  • Records all the patient’s information in the database
  • Suitable for visually impaired patients
  • Some watches have a voice alert system
  • Very reliable as it can send immediate alerts in case of emergencies
  • Reminds the patient to take the correct amount of prescribed doses
  • The information in the database can be easily reset or edited
  • Saves on time, especially for the medical practitioners
  • It is convenient as it is tied on the wrist

Disadvantages of Cadex Medical Alert Watch

Here are the thing that we consider as not so good for this kind of watch:

  • Relatively expensive based on the market price
  • System failure may lead to loss of important data
  • Sound/Alarm not that loud
  • Not waterproof
  • Not suitable for the Hearing Impaired



Medical alert watches have proved to offer outstanding benefits to the patients. It is easy to set and easy to use. Due to its ease of operation, it is recommended by some health practitioners.

Cadex Medical Alert Watch is a good strategy for patients who cannot manage their time well during medication. This technology has helped many patients to monitor their health condition, as well as saving lives during emergencies.

When it comes to accessibility, these watches can be easily acquired as they are being sold by many companies. Other than buying them in shops, the medical alert watches can also be bought online.

The advantage of buying this product online is that the patient has a variety of watches to choose from. Patients who have been using these devices have confirmed that the watches are reliable, accurate and some says actually the best. The quality of Medical alert watches in terms of service is guaranteed. Any patient has the freedom to pick the model of choice.

Overall, Cadex watch is an alternative to an engraved medical alert bracelet/necklace with no annual fee. It has all the important details entered into the watch’s database and all that needs to be done is press a button to get to it.

We’re hoping that this has helped in some way. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section and we will be more than happy to help you out as much as we can.


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