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How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally…by Changing your Gut to Change your Life

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When we think about weight loss, the first thing to pop up in our mind is DIET. Call it human psychology or belief, a general perception is that if we eat less, we will lose weight.

Such thoughts are highly unscientific as it contracts the reality behind good gut health and healthy living.

There are a lot of books/reading materials on how to lose belly fat fast…but do they work? In this article, we tried to review a book on how changing what you eat can change your life.

Let us all see if this is a good way to really lose that stubborn belly fat…

What The Book Is All About?

In The-Lose-Your-Bell-Diet: Change-Your-Gut, Change-Your-Life book, Dr. Travis Lane Stork throws light upon the real science of losing weight by keeping our guts in a healthy state. Stork deserves lot of credit for incorporating the scientific concept of weight loss into his revolutionary book.

According to the renowned television personality, weight losers must concentrate on consuming healthier food in larger quantities than reducing fast-foods or high-calorie intake. He emphasizes on the concept of losing weight while remaining strong and stout in blood and flesh. Only then, we can proudly claim to a slim and healthy person.

So, the idea behind the book is to educate people about the importance of good gut bacteria or microbiome and how a stable number can restore weight automatically.

What’s Wrong With Our System & Minds?

At first, he points out to the inappropriate mechanism going inside our stomach as a result of unhygienic lifestyle. He clearly explains how unhealthy germs, bacteria and microbes increase in number while the good ones diminish.

Well, not many of us are actually aware about good bacteria. Yes, they do exist and it is by virtue of these kindhearted microscopic organisms, that humans survive.

Sadly, as the villain microbes become more powerful, it affects our digestion, gastro system, intestine and finally immunity. Due to poor or improper digestion, lot of imbalances develop in our body; resulting in weight gain.

While referring to factors responsible for weight gain, Stork consciously mentions about severe medications and antibiotics.

The moment we become a victim of gastro-centric ailments, our doctors prescribe antibiotics and medicines.

These high-power dosages, which may even contain steroids, tremendously affect our overall health. This naturally increases our body mass and we feel weighty. Hence, the age-old concept connecting increasing weight with higher consumption of food gets ruled out through this book.

Besides gastrointestinal disorders, diseases like asthma, allergies, and cancer play a pivotal role in enhancing body weight. After prolonged research, scientists have concluded that medicines taken for healing these problems often affect gut health. This in turn causes excess weight gain.

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How Does The Book Help People To Lose Weight?

After successfully convincing the readers about the reality, Dr. Stork takes them through innovative solutions and remedies. For the ones on ways to lose belly fat naturally, he suggests ways of improving gut health.

He says that there are many foods which are gut-friendly. By consuming them on a regular basis, we can improve digestion, revitalize immunity and boost metabolism. Intestinal problems can also be addressed.

In addition to providing a healthy list of foods namely: grains, fibers, cereals, etc, he continues to woo every reader with his mind-blowing recipes. The best part is that each of the recipes is customized to suit individual taste.

The book also contains a comprehensive diet plan for best results. Moreover, there’s a separate chapter dedicated to pre-biotic superstars-legumes, pea, garlic, onion, fruits, green leafy vegetable, etc. A quick go-through provides immense information on the health benefits of these nutritious consumables.

While diet charts and recommendations are strict orders to every weight loser; people with healthiest BMI can also follow them. By embracing the dietary plans, we shall gradually make way towards healthy living.

Another reason behind the popularity of The-Lose-Your-Belly-Diet: Change-Your-Gut, Change-Your-Life is a series of changes that it proposes in daily life.

Dr. Stork conducts a healthy lifestyle tour from morning till night for all his readers. He expects that a combined effort of gut-friendly diet and good lifestyle practices shall bring a huge transformation in every person’s life.

Only then, we shall guarantee healthy living not only in the present but also for our succeeding generations.

While It Is Excellent, Some Flaws Remain..

Some readers feel that the content could have been more comprehensive as there are lots of repetitions. Language, although lucid, is very monotonous. While readers love the revolutionary ideas and concepts, they start lacking interest.


Despite the flaws, the book has sold like a hotcake. Cutting across age and gender; people are more than attracted to it. In fact, some consider it as an asset. Those in diet, treat this book like their teacher.

Families, as a whole, are also trying to follow the suggestions for better living. People, around the world feel overwhelmed by the large volume of information on gut health and good microbes. Indeed, it has left an everlasting effect on people’s mind, beliefs and thought-process.

All Hail to Dr. Stork!!!

We’re hoping that this has helped in some way. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section and we will be more than happy to help you out as much as we can.



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