What is themedicaldevicez.com?

themedicaldevicez.com is an online blogging site where we share links, do honest review of the product/s, sharing videos of the featured/latest medical devices that is out of the market, and do reviews about medical apparel/accessories/institution.

Does The Medical Devicez sell online product?

No, this website is not selling any product online nor promoting anything. However, if you click the link, you will be redirected to the product site and if you buy the product, then The Medical Devicez site will get a percentage of the sale or some other type of compensation.

Do I pay more if I purchased a product directly through the linked website?

No, You will not pay more by clicking through to the link. These links are not “pay per click”, unless otherwise denoted.

If I purchased a product and have some problems with it, can I contact or message The Medical Devicez website for some assistance?

No, you can go directly to the site where you purchased the item that you are having issues.

How can I contact the dealer/merchant?

You can contact the dealer by visiting their respective websites and search for the contact us.

Is there anything more that The Medical Devicez website offer to the viewers?

Yes, we also have the 3 categories which are the Apparel, Accessories and the Institution under the More section. In here, we do reviews/blogs/videos about things related to medical field, besides medical devices. This includes scrub suits, shoes to use during your shifts, accessories like belt bag for nurses, watches, Online class/program/CEU’s (online continuing education)…where to find one, and a lot more.

How can I search the medical devices in this site if it is not available?

You can only find the medical devices, apparel, accessories, institution that we already made a review or blog. We try to update our website for something new every time. However, you can email us at tmdguide@yahoo.com if you want us to give a review of a certain medical device, apparel, accessories, institution that we have not yet tackled.

Is this site open for other merchants who wants to get some feedback from the viewers regarding their devices?

Yes, any merchant who wants to get some honest review from the hosts and viewers about their devices are welcome here. The merchant can send an email at tmdguide@yahoo.com or send their product directly to the address of the hosts. Once done with the testing/checking/using the product, then we will post the results of the review and the video in our website. We are trying to focus first on the devices that is easy to navigate and user friendly for the lay and medical professional.

Does this site share affiliated links to specific group or selected group?

No, Affiliated links that are showing in this site are strictly for this website only. We do not want to bug or make bias review on the product that we are affiliated with.

What do you share to the viewers?

We share our blogs, reviews, videos, and viewers can click the links to the products that we are affiliated with.

How can I get the latest blogs or video of newest devices?

You can join us by providing your email address. Once you join the group, you are allowing themedicaldevicez.com to get your basic information, like name and email address. Your privacy is very important to us. We will NEVER share your information

Are all your product videos affiliated to your website?

No, some of the videos that we make a review are Affiliated to us, and some are not. Most of the actual or personal videos of the product that we did aims to provide the viewers information on How to Use the devices/accessories and assist them to decide if the product suits their needs. The Medical Devicez team usually disclose if the product is an affiliate or not. Again, this is not a paid advertisement or endorsement.

Does this site give medical advice to the viewers?

No, We do not give medical advice to anyone. If you need some medical advice, kindly consult your attending physician as this site is not intended to replace any orders from your doctor. We only give feedback or information related to the medical devices or medical conditions that we made a blog/review.

What if you want to unsubscribe with the site?

You have the ability to unsubscribe anytime you want, just send an email to tmdguide@yahoo.com stating your decision to leave the group.

How does themedicaldevicez.com reply to the viewers if they have questions or queries?

The means of communication is through email only and not by phone.

Are all the videos under Featured Devices section owned by themedicaldevicez.com website?

No, those Featured Devices videos are not owned by The Medical Devicez website. These videos are made for informational purposes only to provide knowledge to the viewers on different devices, those latest equipments/tools that’s already out of the market, and a lot more. All the credits go to the channel, artists, and companies that originally posted it. The original videos owned by themedicaldevicez.com website will be seen under the Personal Video Reviews section.