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Drive Medical Adjustable Height Rollator…a Detailed Review

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Are you having mobility issues or are recovering from an injury or illness? Well, the Drive Medical Adjustable Height Rollator seeks to make life easier. It targets users of different ages and weights, and according to the manufacturer, it is useful in many situations and surfaces.

Unlike the standard walker, you don’t need to lift it up especially when going over steps. This is because of the wheels that should enhance mobility and convenience.

With so many options out there, it can be hard to pick a particular piece. Many users and analysts claim that this rollator is among the best in the market. However, is it really true? We decided to review it to find the answer.

Key Features…


  • Universal Seat height adjustment: The drive medical rollator comes in an adjustable height to cater for various users. The lowest setting is 18 inches whereas the highest is 22 inches. It adjusts in 1-inch increments.
  • Seamless padded seat: The seat is seamless and also features some padding. The manufacturer says it should improve the seating comfort and also minimize fatigue.
  • Zippered Pouch: It features a pouch under the seat for storing items. The zipper keeps the accessories secure and seeks to also improve privacy.
  • Removable, hinged backrest: The backrest is hinged to allow it to move either forwards or backward. It is also very basic for straightforward operation and can be folded during storage or movement.
  • 6-inch black Caster: it includes 6-inch casters for moving on different surfaces. They are non-marrying and are designed for both indoors and outdoor use.
  • Serrated Edge Brakes: The rollator brakes feature serrated edges, which is aimed at offering better braking on various surfaces and speeds.
  • Adjustable Handle height: this item comes with a handle whose height adjusts from 29.5 to 38 inches. The adjustment is done via self-threading knob. They are also ergonomically styled to offer a firmer grip even with sweaty, oily or wet hands.
  • Red metal frame: the frame is made of metal and comes in a red color while the other parts are black. Together with the seats and handle, the rollator weighs about 14 pounds and has a dimension of 21(L) x 7(W) x 21(H) inches.
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The Review…


The Drive Medical Adjustable Height Rollator with 6 Inches Wheels, Red is among the popular items in the market. Looking at its dimensions, it can suit various users both young and old. The seat and handle adjust fairly easily and stays firm once you select the preferred height. It moves smoothly on different surfaces courtesy of the 6-inch casters.

In comparison to other alternatives, the rollator feels more solid to handle heavy loads and the seat is more compact and comfortable. The serrated brakes offer decent performance and due to their design, they are highly unlikely for them to come loose. The ergonomic handle has a nice feel and texture and deliver a firm hold and also prevent fatigue especially when used for a long period. The handle, just like the seat, can be easily be adjusted to suit your height or comfort.

Storing your items is made easier by the pouch under the seat. It offers better access than most in its class and thanks to the zipper; chances of the items falling or spilling are unlikely. The combination of red frame and black seat and handle give this rollator a trendy appearance.

While the 6-inch caster wheels improve movement and also save you from having to lift the drive medical rollator, they are not the most silent. Fortunately, they have good marring to prevent damage to the surface and work great in indoor and outdoor applications.

What We Like…


  • Easy to adjust the seat’s and handle’s height
  • Compact and comfortable padded seat
  • Good design and strong construction
  • Easy-to-move around with
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Easy-to-access and secure storage pouch

What We Don’t Like…


  • The casters aren’t the most silent
  • The handlebars may be a little inconveniencing when fitting the rollator in a small trunk

Final Thoughts…


The drive medical rollator scores well in many areas. It’s strong and well balanced, moves easily on many surfaces, both indoors and outdoors, and comes with comfortable padded seats.

Furthermore, the height of with the handle and seat can easily be adjusted whereas the zippered pouch underneath below the seat safeguards your things. However, the ride isn’t super silent and the handles may get in the way when placing it in a small trunk.

Taking all things into account, the Drive Medical Adjustable Height Rollator with 6 Inches Wheels, Red is still worth buying.

We’re hoping that this has helped in some way. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section and we will be more than happy to help you out as much as we can.




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