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Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device..a Dexcom G6 Review

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What is a continuous glucose monitoring? This helps track your blood sugar levels day and night, and collects readings automatically every 5 to 15 minutes. This device helps your doctor look for patterns in your blood sugar level and makes it a little easier to manage your diabetes.

The continuous glucose monitor (CGM) allows for accurate blood sugar readings without the need for finger pricks, though there will definitely be some periods of adjustment for people with diabetes who are used to continually checking their glucose levels with a finger poke.

Initially, some will compare the results of their new glucose monitor to the results of their traditional glucose monitor for the reason of ensuring the products’ accuracy and give the users peace of mind that they are getting accurate result without the tradition finger poke.

If in case there will be discrepancies in the CGM result and the symptoms you are experiencing, then it is necessary to confirm it by doing a finger stick to make sure you are getting a correct reading.

Dexcom G6..

Dexcom G6 is the name of the newest Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) system. This kind of CGM has a teeny sensor wire that goes under your skin (usually subcutaneous) and is able to read blood glucose readings through the interstitial fluid. This device connects with a transmitter to read your glucose and send the results to the receiver or your smart phone.

Less finger pricks are not the only benefit of the Dexcom G6. One of the best things about the device is that it self calibrates so you do not need to re-calibrate the device yourself. This is a pleasant change from earlier Dexcom models because it simplifies the set up process.

The new insertion applicator makes the CGM model more user-friendly. To insert the device into the skin requires only the push of one orange button. The design of the applicator makes the process for younger kids and those who have needle phobia less scary.

The sleeker design of the sensor allows the device to appear more seamless on the body (though it still takes up the same area on the body surface). This reduces the changes of clothing becoming caught on the monitor.

How long can it be used?

The device can be worn for 10 days at a time so you would only need to change your device 3 times a month. This is an improvement from the Dexcom G5 which needed to be changed after 7 days. Unlike previous versions the sensor can only be worn for the recommended duration.

Older models recommended duration could be extended by restarting the device. The Dexcom G6 does not allow you this option. Many people find this change concerning and disappointing. This is especially true for people who do not have insurance and have to pay for their diabetic supplies out-of-pocket.

Some Improvements for G6..

There are a few minor issues with the monitor that can easily be corrected. Users have found that keeping the device on for the full 10 days is difficult because the adhesive does not seem to adhere that long. This can be remedied by using a product called Skin Grip to hold the Dexcom G6 in place when you notice the adhesive lifting up.

The receivers’ bulkier design as compared to earlier models might cause some issues if you are going to wear the receiver strapped to a person however, this problem is moot if you plan on using your cell phone as a receiver.

While the Dexcom G6 is said to be compatible with both the iPhone and android phones, some people have found that there are some android phones that are not compatible. In that case, you will not be able to use the app and you will have to make due with the provided receiver.

If you are using the receiver instead of the phone app you will not be able to use another of the Dexcom G6 new features. The phone app allows you to set up different alerts for low glucose levels depending on the time of day. You could set the alert to sound lower during the day when you are at work and louder at night to wake you when you are sleeping.

When using the Dexcom G6 you will find the code on the adhesive of the sensor. You will need that to type it into your receiver or cell phone app so be careful not to throw the adhesive paper away before you enter the code. You can use the sensor without the code but it will be less accurate and you will not be able to use the self calibrating system and you will have to calibrate the device with a finger poke like on the older Dexcom versions.

Final Thoughts..

Having the thought of not poking your self many times a day is something that you should consider. Knowing the pattern of your sugar levels and treat it before it gets worst gives you the sense of control. This will help manage your sugar big time!

However, CGM is not for everybody..this is because of many reasons, like financial restraints, insurance coverage, or limited access to the glucose monitoring devices that is available… So, if you are able and if you want to rid yourself of numerous finger pokes throughout the day and you like the ability to be able to have different alarm settings for different times of the day, then try out the Dexcom G6 and experience the difference.

We’re hoping that this has helped in some way. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section and we will be more than happy to help you out as much as we can.





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