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Commode Chair…a Review about UltraCommode Product

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  • Product: Platinum Health UltraCommode Padded Commode/Shower Chair
  • Price: $199.00 – $219.00 & FREE Shipping
  • Cheapest place to buy: Amazon.com
  • Size: Extra large seat is 16” x 16” and width between armrests is 20”
  • Ratings: 96 out of 100


Portable commodes, also known as bedside commodes, are available in a variety of styles to suit different needs. One of the popular bedside commode chairs is UltraCommode. The UltraCommode has been voted as the number one most comfortable, warm, soft, padded and foldable bedside Commode chair.

Consequently, below we take a look at the UltraCommode product review according to our experiences. We bought this UltraCommode by Platinum Health for my 85 years-old mother as a Christmas gift 2 years ago. I did find the product to be generally pretty solid functionally and it comes with a relatively affordable price and of course, my mom loves using it.


Features of the product…

  • Exceptional comfort. The UltraCommode is the #1 commode chair that is the most comfortable because of its seat base, backrest, and armrests that are soft, padded and warm. Its PU foam that is of commercial grade has various advantages, which includes prevent it from sliding, never absorbs water, and makes it easy for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Modern design. When you choose the UltraCommode that means you are able to avoid those clunky, embarrassing and monotone commodes usually having a resemblance of having been around for more than 50 years. The modern design features of the UltraCommode incorporate the use of contemporary pink/blue padding options and the aluminum frame is modern brushed. Additional uniqueness and importance of the product in terms of the modern design is that they allow folding to be done in seconds for the purpose of easy travel or storage.
  • Fast and easy assembly. Assembling of the UltraCommode does not require the use of tools and also the process is often done within one minute. The UltraCommode features commercial grade construction and an aluminum frame that is of medical grade and rust free. These features ensure that the product is safe and solid and thus offering reliability and durability that is long term. Additionally, the product has an adjustable height seat that fits perfectly the different needs of the user. Also, the product comes with a plastic commode pail that is free and has a cover.
  • Superior access. The 100% open front enables wiping and cleaning to be done in a proper and effective way. Unlike the old-style commodes, this product does not have a toilet seat or metal bar in the way. The pivoting of the armrests is also unique and this serves to offer even more convenience because the armrests can be swung back completely out of the way. This allows for transfers that are easier and safer on/off the chair or more body access.
  • Properly sized. This product has incorporated 20″ width between armrests and 16″ x 16″ is the size of the extra-large seat. Comparing these dimensions to those of other commodes, you will see that the other types of commodes are not that useful since they are too small and are not comfy.
  • 2 in 1. The UltraCommode is designed in a way that you can use it as a commode and of course as a shower chair. The product is, therefore, suitable for use worldwide in senior living facilities, hospitals and home care settings


commode in the bathroom

ultra commode

Before you buy this product…

Just like other products, it is important that you do a proper research in regard to online consumer reviews. This helps you to make a decision in terms of the best product that suits your need. .


The good and bad about the products based on consumers review


  • Nice design especially suiting the elderly or anyone needing comfort.
  • Super easy setup.
  • High quality-strong and comfortable.
  • Spacious thus allowing body movement.
  • Lightweight and therefore makes it easy for you to travel with it.


  • The plastic liners are susceptible to tear when you are sliding them on the unfinished and rough track beneath the cushion seat.
  • Difficult to manage the commode lid.

Our Experience with UltraCommode..

Looking at the various features and pros of the product, definitely, you will understand why it holds the title for being voted the number one comfy bedside commode chair.

My mom loves her UltraCommode chair because it has soft padding and does not hurt her back and bottom. It makes it easier for her to shower since she cannot tolerate standing for a long time anymore. This UltraCommode gives her the stability that she needs to prevent any falls. At night, she does not need to walk and go to the bathroom anymore since the UltraCommode make it easier for her during the wee hours.

One thing that I don’t like though is that the color of the padding fades after prolonged usage…

Put succinctly, the product is the first choice for its users and caregivers as it offers the necessary comfort, safety, dignity and reliability that are foreign in regard to other types of bedside commode chairs.

The price maybe relatively expensive compared to other types of bedside commode chairs but you will appreciate the fact that that is a small price to pay.

Some people may opt to choose cheaper or more affordable price for a commode chair but will not offer all the vital benefits of the UltraCommode.

patient seating on the commode

The Verdict…

TheUltraCommode is indeed a modern design that gives users and the caregivers more versatility in doing toilet or bathroom activities. It is simple, easy to use, practical, and fashionable type of commode.

Overall, we give this Platinum Health UltraCommode Padded Commode/Shower Chair an excellent job for coming up with this kind of device and sharing it to the community. This definitely will improve the overall performance and lessen incidence of falls.

We’re hoping that this has helped in some way. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section and we will be more than happy to help you out as much as we can.


  • https://www.platinumhealthllc.com/products/ultracommode-voted-1-most-comfortable-bedside-commode-chair-soft-warm-padded-and-foldable-xl-seat-with-100-open-front-padded-pivoting-armrests-adjustable-height-free-commode-pail-blue?variant=45332783054
  • https://www.wantitall.co.za/healthpersonalcare/ultracommode-voted-1-most-comfortable-bedside-commode-chair-soft-warm-padded-and-foldable-xl-seat-wi__b075ltx3dj
  • https://www.amazon.com/UltraCommodeTM-Comfortable-Foldable-Pivoting-Adjustable/dp/B075LTX3DJ/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8




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  • Akshay says:

    That’s a very useful article. We all have old people in our homes, who need this product. I found this product very useful and I like that it is well adjustable and works well with 2 in1 functionality. 

    Your analysis is in depth and unbiased. This is everything that a prospective buyer needed to know before making a final purchase. It’s bit expensive, but I believe that such investments are one time. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful review. It is totally worth sharing. 

    • admin says:

      Thanks Akshay! yes you are correct though it’s a bit expensive but it made my work easier. My mom enjoyed it so much and I myself love it too because I can  help my mom taking a bath with no hassle. I hope you will Subscribe to our website and please read our articles if you have time. Thanks again

  • Peeters says:

    You’ve written a nice article about Ultracommode, the most comfortable bedsite commode chair. For some people, this chair is very useful. Good that they exist.
    Do you also have such an Ultracommode? And if so is it really worth its price? I am thinking of buying such a chair for my mother.

    • admin says:

      Hi Peeters, thank you for liking our article. Yes, that was more than 2 years ago since we bought this for our mom as christmas present. She really loved it. Actually that lady who seated in the commode is no other than our beloved mom. Since we need a model to our blog, we asked her if we can take her picture while she’s sitting on the commode….. After photo shoot, we teased our mom and told her that she needs to prepare herself because sooner or later she will be the next big star a

  • Jannatul Ferdaus says:

    Hi, I read your article very carefully.This is really an unique and informative article. I learn many important tips about  Commode Chair…a Review about Ultra Commode Product through your article. Thanks for this wonderful reviews about commode chair.I think, this is very helpful product for the people who need this. All of information you provided, it seems to be liken. I am going to check its price and warranty period. Thank you for sharing this post.

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